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Product Name:ARA-290 

Cas No:1208243-50-8

Molar Mass:1257.00

Chemical Formula:C51H84N16O21

Synonyms:Cibinetide, PHBSP

Storage:Store at -20°C


Target Indicators:EPO recepter


Application:ARA-290 is a synthetic peptide designed to mimic the effects of erythropoietin (EPO) without stimulating red blood cell production. It acts as a tissue-protective agent by targeting the innate repair receptor (IRR), which plays a crucial role in tissue repair and regeneration processes. ARA-290 demonstrates potential therapeutic benefits in treating various conditions associated with tissue damage and inflammation, including diabetic neuropathy, chronic kidney disease, and ischemic heart disease. In pharmaceutical chemistry, ARA-290 is studied for its ability to promote tissue repair and alleviate symptoms of neuropathic pain, making it a promising candidate for developing novel treatments in regenerative medicine. Additionally, its mechanism of action in modulating inflammatory responses and promoting tissue healing highlights its potential applications in fields such as neurology, nephrology, and cardiology.