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Product Name:Liraglutide

Cas No:204656-20-2

Molar Mass:3751.25

Chemical Formula:C172H265N43O51

Synonyms:NN 2211, Saxenda, Victoza

Storage:Store at -20°C


Target Indicators:GLP-1

Liraglutide (CAS number 204656-20-2) is a prominent pharmaceutical compound widely utilized in the management of type 2 diabetes. As a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA), Liraglutide mimics the action of endogenous GLP-1, stimulating glucose-dependent insulin secretion and inhibiting glucagon release. This dual mechanism leads to improved blood glucose control. Liraglutide is administered through injection and is known for its sustained efficacy, contributing to enhanced patient adherence. Beyond its primary role in glycemic management, Liraglutide has demonstrated cardiovascular benefits, further solidifying its position in comprehensive diabetes care. Moreover, its association with weight loss makes it particularly beneficial for individuals with diabetes who may also struggle with obesity. In the pharmaceutical realm, Liraglutide has become a cornerstone in the evolving landscape of diabetes therapeutics due to its multifaceted effects. The compound’s impact on both glycemic control and cardiovascular outcomes underscores its significance in optimizing patient health. With its well-established safety profile and demonstrated efficacy, Liraglutide continues to be a valuable asset in the arsenal against type 2 diabetes.

Cancino, J. A. D., Alvarez, C. J. S., & Ramirez, K. A. Z. (2023). Use of liraglutide in the patient with obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus: a literature review. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 12(5), 755-759.

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